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Welcome to the new blog by Suneva Webcasting! We’ll shine a light on the women business owners who are shaking things up with innovative goods and services. We’ll present news from around the web and our business community here in Louisiana. So let’s get started!

As Juneteenth Retha-Hillcelebrations take place across the United States, it’s fitting to focus the spotlight on Retha Hill, the founder of AncestoriesXR. This digital media platform features an interactive genealogy video game. More than simply tracing your family’s roots, this application helps bring the story of your ancestors to life!

As a faculty member at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, Retha Hill is a continuous source of inspiration for how communication can be made more effective and productive. Discover more about her work on her website.

Photo courtesy of rethahill.com.

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