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Digital Marketing Appetizer: Direct Mail

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Digital Marketing Appetizer: Direct Mail

Part One – What’s Happening to Digital Marketing?

Is digital marketing losing its charm? Electronic advertising may be the hot trend, but it’s still only one ingredient of a successful marketing mix. It’s included in one of the most famous advertising formulas known as the four Ps; Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. And on the surface, the phenomenal success of digital marketing makes it look like things will only improve. Or will they?

Houston, we have a problem…

Let’s face facts: Internet users are online an average of eight hours a day, and the amount of advertising they see is exhausting. This information overload, or “digital advertising fatigue,” makes marketers need to be more creative in reaching their audience. Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to give your followers a time-out from the digital world.

But direct mail can do a lot more than provide screen time relief. Believe it or not, because the advertising focus shifted to the Internet, today there is less competition in promoting products and services in this medium, and it’s also less expensive.

Think of your direct mail message as the “appetizer” to your business product or services, “the main course.” This can be the starting point of the customer’s journey. Because physical forms of advertising are more easily recalled than digital, direct mail establishes brand recognition for you and makes them more receptive to engaging with you via your website or social media.

Tangible benefits from direct mail

Direct mail provides valuable support for local business owners whose time online is limited. It establishes a vital connection between the brick-and-mortar business and the electronic business world.

According to the Data & Marketing Association, the other reason why direct mail is a valuable marketing strategy is that it’s more effective and memorable than email. Far from being “junk,” direct mail achieves the goal of capturing the reader’s attention. People like direct mail because they control when they read it: it won’t disappear after a few minutes like a digital ad. Even when the person doesn’t move forward on the offer when they receive it, they usually hold on to it longer than marketing emails. You have provided a tangible reminder of your business.

Large companies aiming to reach a large audience have the budget to benefit from digital marketing, but that’s not the case for small business owners. Digital marketing can run through a modest budget in one day and produce no results. But the advantage of direct mail is that it is now more cost-effective than ever before, and most people prefer a physical advertising instead of digital.

Don’t toss your metrics just yet

Does this mean that you should stop your digital marketing campaigns? Of course not! The idea is to adjust your strategy to meet the demands of your offline/online audience and your business goals.

In Part Two of this article series, we’ll look at which types of direct mail work best and how to create them. Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter for resources, tips, and other goodies.

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