Stop making digital marketing mistakes that are hurting your business

Suppose you’re still in your comfort zone, using the same approach everywhere, not using multiple forms of media in your digital marketing, or ignoring other platforms. In that case, you could be losing out on the customers looking for your business.

What’s wrong with your digital marketing?

Are you afraid to make decisions? Sometimes, too many options make us shut down and become frozen in place. But sometimes, this causes us to lose opportunities or make mistakes. Reaching for success by operating your own business is risky, but that makes every victory sweeter.

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If you want to grow your business, you have to get comfortable with taking calculated risks. But how do I do that, you ask?

Your calculation includes knowing what problem your business solves, who has the problem, how they are solving it now, and why your business solves it better, faster, or cheaper. Then, you have to put your message to work where your customers go to find the answers they need. And today, your customers are both on the street and online. So that’s where your marketing message has to be.

Lucky for you, this is easy with digital media. You can deliver your marketing message in as many formats as you like. Let’s look at the three most common digital marketing mistakes.

Mistake Number One:
Staying in Your Comfort Zone

Internet technology has made most tasks pretty easy. Logging in to Facebook or Twitter doesn’t take much effort, and creating a post about your business. But don’t be fooled; just because the process is easy doesn’t mean you can play it safe and stay in your comfort zone. It’s very easy for a comfort zone to become a trap. If you worry about dropping the ball, let me help you stop worrying: it will happen eventually. Business is competitive: if it’s easy for you, your competition can do the same thing. You have to focus on how you are going to show up. And when you drop the ball, pick it up, adapt-don’t give up, keep moving forward.

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Being predictable is no fun.

If you want to play it safe, you would be happy to have a job because making decisions isn’t something most employees are asked to do. Using digital marketing tools, you can make smarter decisions.

Those decisions help you create a message that speaks to the person looking for your business’s sales. And the more you get comfortable making decisions, the easier you will know where to invest your time. For example, if your company is in the design world, explore social networks like Dribble, Behance, and Tumblr, where you shine a light on your talent.

Mistake Number Two:
Ignoring Other Platforms

Pics of kittens and puppies may work on Facebook, but it’s not the same on other platforms such as, an alternative to LinkedIn focused on professional social networking.

Regardless of your business, digital media helps you translate your message into your audience’s language. A professional audience is looking for information that makes their job easier.

Infographics are a great way to increase your business visibility and credibility for this audience. Two-minute explainer videos are another format you can use to broaden your network. Consumers, on the other hand, are more interested in how to solve their problems faster, easier, and cheaper. Show-and-tell style marketing does this very effectively.

Mistake Number Three:
Using the Same Approach Everywhere

For companies who seek business-to-business customers, instead of creating a sales ad, you could try a different approach, like In this barter exchange, you trade what you have for the equal value of something you need.

A Few More Tips

It’s the variety of options that makes digital marketing so cool. What I find interesting is when I ask business owners about digital media, they immediately think I mean YouTube videos.

Well, yeah, motion and sound make video engaging. You can power your animated presentations, webinars, and courses is a surefire way to reinforce your message.

Combining print with audio and video is an excellent digital marketing tactic because it holds their attention and helps them remember your message.

Blog posts with audio clips are another combination that works well; check out a clip of the text you’re reading:

Step up attention to your content marketing with resource links to go in-depth on a topic you are discussing, like this excellent overview of audio blogging.

Audiobooks and podcasts are other digital media formats that have become wildly popular. And with digital signage, you can reach your audience in public spaces and on their devices.

The best thing about digital media is how you can leverage it. For example, you can use print invitations in conjunction with Facebook or Instagram announcements of your event. The camera in your mobile phone has become a digital marketing assistant. In addition to capturing digital business cards, it can scan the QR codes on paper business cards, brochures, direct mail, and promotional advertising.

Think of digital marketing as a river. The different media formats are the streams that keep your company’s growth flowing.

Whether you use the printed word, display ads, podcast, an explainer video, or a YouTube webcast, ensure your message is the common thread that flows through them all to enhance the visibility of your business.

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